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Wandee Super Span is a new formation that focuses on long span engineering and structural construction services in Pattaya, enhancing quality and safety in luxury villa and iconic condominium construction. Our span systems include post-tensioned concrete, steel structures, and composite structures. Together with our partners in construction excellence, Mario Kleff and Wandeegroup Asia, we also offer seismic-resistant residential building design services with state-of-the-art engineering solutions.

Floor Design by Wandeegroup and Wandee Super Span

Image: Floor Design by Wandeegroup and Wandee Super Span.

Our Services

Structural Design and Engineering Services

Our team of experienced civil engineers provides comprehensive structural design and engineering services for any span system. We ensure that every project meets the highest standards of safety, durability, and efficiency. This includes the planning, designing, and analysis of buildings, bridges, towers, tunnels, skyscrapers, and villa structures.

Bonded Multistrand Post-Tensioning Systems

We specialize in bonded multistrand post-tensioning systems, which enhance the structural integrity and load-bearing capacity of concrete structures. This system involves the use of multiple strands of high-strength steel that are tensioned and then bonded to the concrete, providing superior performance for large-scale projects.

Mono-Strand Unbonded Tendon System and Multi-Strand Flat Duct Multi-Bonded Tendon System

Our services include the installation of mono-strand unbonded tendon systems and multi-strand flat duct multi-bonded tendon systems. The mono-strand unbonded system offers flexibility and ease of installation, ideal for projects requiring high adaptability. The multi-strand flat duct system provides enhanced durability and load distribution, suitable for complex structural applications.

Structural Bearings

We offer high-quality structural bearings designed to accommodate movement and forces within buildings and bridges. These bearings ensure the longevity and stability of structures by effectively managing loads, rotations, and translations.

CGI of System Design Wandee Super Span

Image: CGI of System Design Wandee Super Span.

Post-Tensioning in Different Building Constructions Around the City

At Wandee Super Span, our civil engineers are dedicated to the design, construction, and maintenance of physical structures. Their expertise ensures that every project in Pattaya meets the highest standards of safety and durability, vital for both everyday buildings and complex constructions like skyscrapers and bridges.

Post-tensioning brings unique advantages to various building types, including:

Prestressed Concrete Girders Wandee Super Span

Image: Prestressed Concrete Girders Wandee Super Span.

Cantilever and Long Span Construction for Luxury Villas and Condos in Pattaya

Wandee Super Span specializes in designing and constructing cantilever and long span structures for luxury villas and condominiums in Pattaya. Our custom-fabricated steel box girders and cellular beams ensure optimal performance and safety, allowing for column-free spaces and innovative architectural designs. Our partner, Wandeegroup Asia Company Limited, introduced the first cellular beam in Thailand in 2007, setting a benchmark in the industry with a new span systems in Thailand.

Special Floor Slab Design Design Wandee Super Span

Image: Special Floor Slab Design Design Wandee Super Span.

Specialized Techniques for Long Span Construction

Methods and Techniques

Wandee Super Span offers a diverse range of methods and techniques to meet specific performance requirements. These include:

Steel Design Wandee Super Span

Image: Steel Design Wandee Super Span.

Steel Frame Design and Seismic-Resistant Structures

We offer steel frame design services for luxury villas and premium homes in Pattaya. Steel structures provide superior strength and durability, making them ideal for seismic-resistant construction. Our expertise in steel frame design ensures the safety and longevity of your building.

Wandee Super Span has developed outstanding span system solutions within Pattaya's residential sector. Guided by Mario Kleff and the skilled builder team of Wandeegroup Asia, there's no better choice for your new home construction, whether it's underground, single, or multi-story.

Question & Answers

Quick information that could be of interest

What services does Wandee Super Span offer?
Wandee Super Span offers long span engineering, structural design, post-tensioning systems, and seismic-resistant construction for luxury villas and condos in Pattaya.

What are the benefits of post-tensioning in high-rise buildings?
Post-tensioning allows for slimmer floor slabs, reducing building height without compromising structural integrity, leading to cost savings and faster construction.

How does Wandee Super Span enhance residential construction?
We improve resistance to soil movement and use thinner floor slabs, increasing usable floor area and providing greater structural stability.

What makes steel frames ideal for seismic-resistant structures?
Steel frames offer superior strength, durability, and flexibility, making them highly effective in resisting seismic events and ensuring building safety.

What are the advantages of using cellular beam in construction?
Cellular beam enable long spans and open spaces, reducing the need for columns and allowing for flexible, innovative architectural designs in residential and commercial buildings.

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