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Welcome to the forefront of construction excellence in Pattaya. Our integrated team, comprised of Wandee Super Span, signature architect Mario Kleff, and the builder and construction development company Wandeegroup Asia, stands ready to redefine residential and public structure construction with innovative ideas and professional spans systems.

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Comprehensive Engineering Solutions and Span Systems

As proficients in structural engineering consultation, we specialize in crafting innovative solutions for long span structures in expert building construction. Whether it's designing luxury villas or erecting public structures, our integrated approach ensures unparalleled quality and efficiency in the region of Pattaya.

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Ready to elevate your construction endeavors? Reach out to Span Systems today and unlock the full potential of your architectural vision. Let's build a legacy together.

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What is Span Systems in Construction?
Span Systems in construction refers to a comprehensive approach to designing and constructing structures with long spans. It involves specialized engineering techniques and materials to create open, column-free spaces, allowing for innovative architectural designs and enhanced structural performance.

Who is the best Engineering Company in Pattaya?
Wandee Super Span stands out as one of the leading engineering companies in Pattaya. With its expertise in structural design, span systems, and long span construction techniques, Wandee Super Span consistently delivers high quality engineering solutions for various construction projects in the region.

Why is Wandee Super Span a Design Company?
We improve resistance to soil movement and use thinner floor slabs, increasing usable floor area and providing greater structural stability.

How far can Long Span Structures reach?
The reach of long span structures can vary depending on various factors such as the materials used, engineering techniques employed, and the intended purpose of the structure. In general, long span structures can span distances ranging from tens to hundreds of meters, allowing for the creation of large, open spaces without the need for internal columns.

Is Long Span Construction Expensive?
Long span construction can be more expensive than traditional construction methods due to the specialized engineering techniques and materials required to achieve large span distances. However, the investment in long span construction often results in benefits such as increased usable space, innovative architectural designs, and enhanced structural performance, making it a valuable investment for many construction projects.

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